Mitsubishi Power Systems

The Challenge

Being a leader in engineering world-class power generation systems takes the brightest minds. Engineers need to work together to solve complex problems, improve on designs, and clearly convey ideas to their team in an efficient and effective manner. In a global market, this often means long hours, extended meetings, and lost sleep.

With the public demanding reliable energy, any failure or system downtime can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue. With zero tolerance for mistakes, processes and procedures are implemented in the organization to mitigate the risk and streamline processes.

The Solution & Results

With the challenge presented, SunStreet Technology leveraged Microsoft’s SharePoint platform for the US office. Our consultants identified key areas of the platform that could be quickly utilized to solve several key problems.

SharePoint’s built in workflows were utilized to refine what was previously a paper-pushing activity. Immediately, document management was streamlined with a formal review process. Design plans could be submitted for review, then a six-step quality check by the engineers, allowed comments that could be tracked and documented. With an electronic collaborative process, stakeholders were now informed with alerts whenever a document was added, modified or deleted.

Next, a general correspondence system was designed as a solution to formalize communications between vendors and the customer. Each correspondence was tagged with a unique Id and tracked as part of an audited system for legal purposes. Redundancy was put into the system in the event a notice was not properly delivered as a safeguard.